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Accordionist Galyna Oleksiv, killed in Ukraine July 14, young son gravely injured


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Oct 1, 2014
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Frederic Deschamps from the Confédération Mondiale d'Accordéon posted on fb about Galyna Oleksiv, who was killed by a Russian missile in Ukraine.

The folks at B&B Project (Ukraine's well known Bayan and Bandura duo) posted about raising funds for her son, dreadfully injured when his mother was killed.

This message about the CMA (Confederation Mondiale de l'Accordéon) standing with Ukraine is painfully worth reading. Galyna's husband Yarosav was on the committee organizing how the CMA would work with Russian artists during the war. Just terrible.

Position of the CMA in relation to the Ukrainian Situation and the participation of Russian artists

From day one of the war, the CMA has been publicly against Russian attacks in Ukraine.

However, from day one of the war, the CMA believed that we should not mix art and politics, and that an outright boycott of Russian CMA candidates would be unfair to Russian candidates. We thought that Russians in general and Russian Accordion Artists in particular would also be against Putin's actions in Ukraine, and in solidarity with their Ukrainian neighbors.

Unfortunately, after a few weeks, some renowned Russian artistic personalities from the Accordion world have publicly taken a stand against Ukraine with totally unacceptable comments.

The CMA therefore had to react and feel we need to take sanctions against Russia. To do nothing, to say nothing would have been just unthinkable!

Since March, the CMA in close relation with its Ukrainian delegates (Igor Sayenko, Andryi Dushnyi and Yaroslav Oleksiv), has tried to find the fairest way to take a sanction against Russia.

First of all, we had thought of accepting Russian candidates but in a neutral way. This solution, which had been applied during the last Olympic Games in Beijing, had changed absolutely nothing, and in no way represented a sanction.

We had finally recently, in agreement with the Ukrainian Delegates, accepted the idea of not boycotting Russian artists, but of imposing that on each video of each candidate from all countries of the world, be written: CMA STAND FOR UKRAINE - STOP THE RUSSIAN WAR IN UKRAINE.

On July 13, this position was finally accepted during a meeting with our Ukrainian Delegate Yaroslav Oleksiv. The following July 14, his wife Galyna Oleksi was assassinated by rocket fire sent by the Russian army during the airstrike on Vinnytsia (western Ukraine). Their son Romčik was also affected and is currently in intensive care in hospital.

The CMA has done its best from the beginning to try to find the most diplomatic solution to protect Ukrainian Artists, and tried to give the chance to Russian artists who were against the war against Ukraine, to also be able to participate in the CMA activities.

But today, the CMA is in Mourning! More than ever, the CMA STAND for UKRAINE!

Galyna's Death Tragedy leaves no room for any diplomacy, and we have decided to boycott Russian artists in general, out of respect for the Ukrainian people.
All candidates and Delegates from Ukraine will not be required to pay any inscription or delegation fees.

CMA Board: Frederic Deschamps, Raymond Bodell, Anna Bodell.

For updates I trust you could follow Frederic: frederic.deschamps.12
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May 19, 2022
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I'm very sad to hear about this. I remain neutral about this whole conflict but its never good to hear about such things.

May she rest in peace.
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