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Accordion shoulder straps



Last year I found that my shoulder-straps were falling apart, so I decided to get new ones. After some discussion with Emilio Allodi, I bought a pair of nylon straps from him - and I quite like them. When I came to fit them I found them a bit puzzling, as the buckles don't have the spike that normal buckles have, but I found that with nylon you don't need the spike. The new straps are softer than leather (which I like), and less slippery, which means the accordion stays in one place better.
The only warning I would give is that I had to have them on the tightest setting for my 34-key accordion. If you are very slim, of have a small accordion, you might find them too long.
Incidentally, I do wear them with a back-strap.

Stephen Hawkins

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Jan 25, 2016
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Lancashire, England.
I recently had my straps extended because I was far too big for the straps that my latest instrument came with. To achieve this, I took the straps to a local cobbler, who used the leather from an old belt to affect the modification.

The cobbler had never been asked to do this before, but he made a very good job of it. He had no idea what he should charge for the work, but eventually said, "Oh, give us a fiver." It is doubtful that the inland revenue would see a penny of that in tax, but both the cobbler and I are satisfied with the transaction.

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