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Accordion craft academy



Hello! Since on the other thread there was some interest in a report from the course I went to in Castelfidardo, here it is.
So I went to Castelfidardo 3 days before the course actually started and I can tell you: it is a really boring town if you are not interested in accordions, so be warned about bringing family members xD!!
The museum is a must go and it is also lovely to see giancarlo franconella sitting there in the victoria store building tiny harmonicas. He is the guy who build the biggest accordion in the world.
So heres a very compact description of the course:

Things we did were things as taking the instrument completely apart and cleaning all the little parts inside.
After that it went more into mechanical repairs such as replacing valves on the pallets and such. The last day we got visited by a tuner and got some tuning explanation done and it was really amazing seeing him at work!
It is all as thorough as it can be in just a little less time for a week, but you take home alot of knowledge! You learn what kind of glue you have to use on which surface, a little bit of waxing, how to make the valves straight again etc. All the proper ways of making the light fixes on your instrument (which is I think with all the information on the internet still quite unclear what to do). Here you get taught by people with years of experience and who know the little details and who know what not to do! (very important i think). As well we went for a visit in the cagnoni reed factory to see how its all done. Finally I understand the way you can tell the quality so to say for reeds.

I got lucky I think, because our group only consisted of three people so there was enough time to focus on everyones project!

So basically your whole day concists of being with accordions, which is beautiful!! And having nice italian coffee and spaghetti lunches ofcourse.
I really want to do the second part because I am very interested in learning the art of tuning. It is really an art!

You can find fotos and testimonies on the website


the young man with the long hair thats me :)


The course is hosted by a german lady who is now the manager of victoria. So the course was in english, italian and german :)

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