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752 Accordions in the MIMO online collection


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I like this, a pictorial guide of some 752 accordions in the MIMO collection.
MIMO is the Musical Instruments Museums Online website.

When I type the German word Akkordeon, the website gives me 752 accordions from worldwide museum collections.
You can search by region, period, instrument makers, place of production etc 

Lets hope this pictorial accordion collection will continue to grow in numbers and subtypes.

Some instruments have detailed descriptions, others only have images and few details.

If you have a rare specimen in your collection, dont hesitate to send pics and detailed information to the museums and/or MIMO website.



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May 1, 2013
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Very interesting, thanks Sephen!

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A good place to learn about the many subtypes in the family of free reeds with bellows.
The MIMO is a cooperation between musical instruments museums.

You'll notice lots of mistakes and wrong classifications. I saw one accordion with bellows classified under "Blasakkordeons"...

It's possible they also used artificial intelligence to classify the pics, photos and objects.
And I suppose musical instruments museums will not frequently have accordion experts on the payroll or staff.

But this is a good start for a pictorial guide on accordions.
I'm glad something like the MIMO online project is available !

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