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2nd and 3rd photo online of mystery accordion

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A second photo appeared online of a very small accordion:

There is not much information on this instrument, its said to be made for the Belgian accordion player Joseph Fiers (pictured in the photo), around 1928 by the Scandalli company.
Looks like a 4 row CBA, with around 60 basses.
The big accordion was made by Scandalli in 1928 for Fiers. Maybe the 2 accordions were ordered in the same year by Fiers.

Heres another photo:

Another photo of these 2 accordions and Joseph Fiers can be viewed here:

The big accordion survived to this day, and is kept in a Dutch museum:

But the small accordion is missing...
I wonder if the Scandalli luthier plan for the construction of this tiny accordion has survived, and what the sound would be like of this accordion...
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