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100 CD tracks completed!

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Jul 16, 2014
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Eindhoven, the Nnetherlannds
It did take more than 100 weeks (more like 130) but today I completed the 100-th CD track with recordings of many of my (by now 140) arrangements for different types of accordion ensembles. On my YouTube channel you can find these 100 tracks (and other music as well). While I try to make "good" recordings, these recordings are made to illustrate what the arrangements may sound like when an ensemble plays them. They are not of "professional concert quality", but I hope that they can help many ensembles to "adopt" these arrangements.
I will of course continue to make more arrangements and recordings. I hope to reach 500 arrangements before I "kick the bucket"... We'll see...

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you are only giving yourself a couple of years left? given the same production speed
Congratulations, Paul. What an amazing body of work—both the arranging and the performing. You are making an enormous gift to the accordion world and the music world in general. Thank you.
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