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  1. S

    Spares for Hohner Carmen II

    Hi I’ve just bought one of these but it arrived in pieces! I am completely new to this intriguing instrument so do not know the names of the bits inside so apologies. Please see photo. I can work out where the big bit goes but it looks like I need a lot of little leather bits. Some have fallen...
  2. AccordionUprising

    Save the threatened Harmonéon! (from moldy smell)

    'Ware the proverbial, "Great deal, but..." I got the harmonéon we talked about on here a bit ago. Thanks for the help and advice getting it. Not a scam (thank goodness) sold by a person who loved it in their childhood, but it has issues. I think it's salvageable, but has a bit of that moldy...
  3. Sebastian Bravo

    Hohner Gola... broken

    Hi forum! long time not posting something. I hope everyone is ok. I've been doing my jobs with accordions as usual (Tuning, mechanic repairs, air leaks and things like that) but i've never had to repair celluloid... until now. I recieved a Hohner Gola, that fell and broke. It has signs of been...