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  1. CremeFraiche

    Help identifying inherited piano accordion

    Hi everyone, I must apologize as I do not play the accordion so please forgive my intrusion. I am hoping that someone here might be so kind as to shed some light on a piano accordion I recently inherited from my Grandfather. My initial basic googling has led me to believe that it is a...
  2. K

    Father's Royal Standard

    Hi, can anybody identify my father's accordion from 1950's? Of course it is Royal Standard, but more? It is fully working, 99.9% working, 100% state. No scraches, really as a new one. Thank you for your reponse. Peter
  3. S

    Help identifying Hohner accordion?

    Hello everyone! I am just learning how to play the accordion by ear and had the good fortune of coming into possession of a Hohner one. I was wondering if anyone could help me identify which model this is, so I can have a bit more info and maybe be able to find a fingering chart for it...