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bluetooth le

  1. Keymn

    Bluetooth Pedal and WidiMaster

    I connected this Bluetooth pedal to my Korg Pa1000...if interested, think I can do the same with the bk-7m? the Airturn bt200s/6 is fairly new, think came out end of last year? Great concept as it is self contained and with the app you can program each button to whatever control message on...
  2. Keymn

    Bk-7m -Replace rare fc7 pedal with Irig Blueboard pedal

    Created a short video on how to use a Bluetooth pedal to control the bk-7m... Use the Roland bk-7m at my Restaurant gig. I also do the same with Korg Pa1000 arranger. Love the Bluetooth LE technology! I want to see this done on other Arranger models too.