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  1. M

    209 / 302 / Rubin 7 - For Classical Only

    I am mainly going to be playing classical. I see everyone that does pretty much has Piginis. (free bass) That being said, I can't afford that kind of instrument. Do you think a Tula-209, Tula-302, or Rubin 7 would work for classical? Is there something about them that would make it not so...
  2. Y

    Cleveland Gig

    Hello everyone, My name is Yoav Sadeh, I'm a 23-year-old composer studying at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Nice to meet you! I'm looking for an accordionist (preferably who plays a chromatic button accordion, but not necessarily) in Cleveland , OH or the broader east coast area to play in...
  3. W

    New player, new member.

    Hello community, you can call me Woody. let me introduce myself and my "new" accordion. So I'm one of those people that had all the opportunities to let music be center of my life but decided that having 1000 interests and 100 hobbies is better suited for me. As a child and teenager I played...
  4. B

    Anyone here familiar with the Russian bayan?

    Hey folks, thanks kindly for having me on your forum. Novice accordion player here. I have a 120 bass accordion - though badly beat up to the point of having tape hold some part together - still plays :) My nicer accordion is back at home. Was thinking recently to sit down and formally study how...
  5. Sebastian Bravo

    Jupiter convertor problem... Guide

    Hi everyone. I want to make this post to describe a problem i found in the Jupiter Bayan. The convertor lever gets stuck if it's pressed with light force. My friend bought this Bayan second hand weeks ago (2017 new instrument used by a Russian. Now it's in Chile) it's a Jupiter, LMMH with 15 (5...