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  1. H

    Iorio help?

    I just recently acquired this Iorio accordion and am trying to find out info on it. I have looked all over the web for a similar model but haven’t as of yet. Any info would be greatly appreciated. I am attaching photos of it for your inspection.
  2. L

    Can somebody help me identify this accordion

    Hello everybody! I came across this accordion but I can't identify the brand. I tried google image search with just the brand and nothing comes up. I've even looked at a list containing a lot of accordion manufacturers and none of them match the one I have. Do you have any ideas what this brand...
  3. W

    Which is harder to play?

    Is a piano accordion easier to play than a button accordion? I could imagine that a button accordion would be easier to play than a piano accordion, because on the piano accordion my fingers don’t want to go to the next note.
  4. W

    Which accordion i should buy?

    I noticed two accordions that looked good. Both are button accordions. Which accordion i should buy? Both are 550€ (653$) And what models they are?
  5. W

    More information about Zarya 2 accordion

    Hello! Do somebody know more accurate informations about this Zarya 2 accordion and its history?
  6. M

    Hello from Poland

    Hello to the entire forum community! My name is Piotr, (which can be said in English - Peter :)) I am a much beginner accordionist from Poland from Subcarpathian region. I have been dealing with music for a long time, but I decided to switch from an acoustic guitar to an accordion due to the...
  7. Sebastian Bravo

    FIA 2020 (Festival Internacional del Acordeón CHILE)

    Hi forum! this week we had a good time at FIA in Chile, an international accordion festival organized by Fundación Entre Fuelles (Between bellows) here in Chile. I forgot to tell you about it, sorry ;( but it was online, and all the parts are available to watch in youtube! Here's the link...