Bass coupler plastic issue (Unglued?)
Hi I’m having a problem with an accordion that I just received recently. The top bass coupler (plastic) is  lifted up (that’s the problem) but underneath there is a bit (don’t know what’s called) that you push down and the registers switches normally. I’m thinking that the bit has detached from the plastic and as result the plastic has lifted up - the spring is is working properly - should I glue it back to the plastic?

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As the coupler is lifted up you can peek at the next register switch and then see whether that has the two parts glued the way you plan to do it or whether it "catches" somewhere so no glue is needed. It's a bit of detective work.
It's hard to tell from the picture, especially since the "bit that pushes down" is fuzzy in the picture. It looks like it may be twisted or turned sideways in a way that doesn't look right. But hard to tell with certainty from this picture.
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Its very difficult to see the other two but it doesn’t seem catch anywhere; I’ve slided my finger just underneath the plastic and I can’t feel any hook. I’ve just updated the photo

The black bit can move almost 360degrees so the glue would go on the other side I guess
On my grandpa's accordion the same thing happened. On Weltmeister accordions the plastic button and the thing that you don't know the name of have a very little metal rod passing through both of them. Does the part that you push down and the register switches normally have a hole in it, that a rod can pass through? If so, your accordion has the same mechanism as Weltmeisters do, and all you need is to find a rod that fits in there.
Mine is an Italian accordion. I can’t see any rod anywhere, when I touch the underneath of the plastic it feels flat. The only hole on the thing is like a tube that goes across the black bit, that allows it twist upside down
As Paul said, this photo is not very informative. It would be better if you can upload another one or two more so we can figure out how the metal thing that is actually the register switch is normally connected with the plastic button.
I’ve updated the photo from the last one. I will to upload more but this forum doesn’t let me. It’s very difficult to see how it’s attached on the other 2 coupler but they seem to be in the same position as the photo I updated.
That's as far as I can help, maybe it's different from Weltmeister's, as both my Supita and my grandpa's Gigantilli have the same rods that pass through both the metal and the plastic part (that way the rod is making them move together). Paul has the best knowledge here on the forum, so wait for his response, but my personal opinion is that I would be very surprised if the original mechanism is held by glue, so I don't know if it would work good, or when you press the button it would only partially move the metal part down, which would make this register unusable.
The teeth on the plastic switch might in this case might have broken to the point that it will not engage.
If this is the case DON"T GLUE IT ON. The switch itself will have to be repaired or replaced. Now finding a new switch
will be almost impossible as original replacement parts have become obsolete. Best to contact a local repair tech that
just might have good used parts or can repair it properly.
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