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Not to mislead, but this post is not about, nor does include any particular musical piece.

Instead; a simple post about a second hand accordion obtained today I am fairly excited for.  It is (as far as I can tell) and older model Hohner Atlantic IV.  It is in very good, almost factory playing condition with an equally excellent condition carrying case.  Aside from two notes on one reed bank everything sounds great, and I endeavour to fix those fairly soon.  Inside it looks like someone has recently revalved the entire treble section and the bass valves while older appear in great condition also.  The Sordina is in perfect working order, and although I am not sure how well one might flip that switch mid-song I certainly appreciate the different tonal approach.   I am also very appreciative for the response in the keys, button and bellows, it makes playing so much more easily playable and listenable.  While I am not sure this instrument will be a long term keeper, at the very least it will contribute significantly to my accordion addiction fund should I decide to sell it - given how cheaply I got it for.  If there is one thing I do like about accordions in this part of the realm; is the fact that usually about once or twice a year christmas comes early in terms of people selling accordions with no interest in actual cash value as opposed to getting rid of them for their inheritance value has long exceeded their storage cost in some deep, dark and dank corner of their basement somewhere.

A couple of things; there are cracks running down each side of the accordion - they don't seem to affect things but will they down the road?

What is the difference between this and the Atlantic Deluxe models?

Does the Sordina switch normally come with some sort of cover?

Thanks for looking, happy playing!

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Sounds like a really good deal!
Are they cracks or scratches - given that the Atlantic is metal bodied I'd be surprised at cracks?
I think the Deluxe had a palm master, I don't know about other differences.

I changed to CBA a few years ago but I was very fond of my Atlantic, a big friendly capable accordion, I paid very little for it and lost nothing when I sold it.

This probably won't work outside the UK but I always felt the Atlantic was the accordion equivalent of a Ford Mondeo car - big, capable, excellent in many ways but likely to be undervalued because it didn't have a fancy brand!

Hope you really enjoy yours!
This accordion sounds and plays fantastic, it may stay in the stable after all.

There are definitely cracks, although they don't show through on the inside.  Maybe because this is an older model the body is wood?  There are certainly a plethora of metal components inside - or perhaps metal surfaced wood components is more accurate (soundboard).  Either way, they are cracks and do not appear to be causing harm.

I fixed the two notes - simply debris.  Doesn't get any better than that!

The Sordina switch from what I can find is exactly as intended.  Perhaps the idea is to hook it onto your suspenders and switch with a simple shrug.  Weird.

The Ford Mondeo is a good analogy I think...considering the state of many accordions a person might find around here, excellent value!

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