Scandalli Air Jr C
Does anyone have any experience with this model? It checks off a lot of boxes for me....4 reeds, 37/96, but still relatively compact. I have played a few new Scandalli accordions and have always been pleased with the feel and tone. There is an Air Jr C that  is local to me and I would like to check it out  in the new future. I know that playing it is going to tell me a lot, but I had a few questions. From what I've read and experienced, Scandalli has a solid reputation. I would imagine that this is still the case? Also, I was thinking about TAM reeds. I'm sure they will build anything I ask, but they don't list that as an option. I don't know if this was an intentional design choice or are they just trying to meet a better price point? And finally, is there any other accordion that I should consider that is about the same size with the same specs?

Here is a link:
I've never tried one but am also interested so it would be nice if you'd give us a report after trying your local Air Junior C.. please.
A button accordion with 96 bass buttons seldom has only 37 treble notes. This is quite limiting. It negates the advantage of CBA over PA. Typically a 96 bass CBA has either 41 or 46 treble notes.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Geoff, normally, I would have already auditioned it. The store is only a 30 minute drive. I hope to try it out before it sells, but I haven't been out of the house much the past 2 months.

DeBra, that is something that I will consider. My current CBA is a 2 reed 37 treble, 60 bass instrument that is extremely lightweight. I am really pleased with it. The only thing that I miss on it is a bassoon reed. Every once in a while, I wish it had a MMM tone, but that isn't a deal breaker. I have been looking at a lot of instruments lately, and I am not set on the Scandalli yet. But, I figured that since it was local, I could try it out. I guess it wouldn't be that much of a jump in size to expand my search to 41 note instruments.
Whilst I agree with Paul that 37 notes is somewhat limiting, the thought of having LMMH in a small package is appealing. My small CBA is a Fisitalia compact 49 and whilst most of the time I imagine I do not use all of its 49 note range the little Scandalli would be quite a compromise just to gain a Piccolo voice.

NickC , having been confined since very early in March, the thought of driving 30 minutes just to try an accordion, even now that we are 'allowed', is somewhat shocking... better to stay safe.
I agree Geoff. Better to stay inside except for the necessities. The upside is that the more I play my little 2 reed, the more I am thinking that I don't need another instrument.

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