Reed Leather Sizes for Hohner Verdi II

I'd like to get reed leathers (or synthetic) for a vintage Hohner Verdi II, but I am unsure on what size and how many I need to order. It's a 34/80 and was produced sometime in the 40's/50's. The process seems simple enough, but I don't want to order too many or not enough. I'm assuming (from my limited research) that I'll need 228 leathers (2 per button?), but aside from that I'm completely lost.
 [Image: 7dmHdhQ.jpg]

Any other advice on replacing and rewaxing reeds would be very much appreciated, along with any additional "upgrades" that are worthwhile performing to bring an old accordion back into a better performing life. I'm very new to accordions but in doing my research I feel capable of the labor side of repairs. 

thanks in advance,
Hi Samuel, best thing to do is to open up the accordion and have a look at the state of the reed valves - on the treble and bass sides. Having 34 treble keys means you have 68 reeds in each reed block, and being a Verdi II I would assume there are two treble reed blocks, so a total of 136 treble reeds. However, the smallest, high pitched reeds may not have reed valves at all! I recently found this with my Virtuola III and only needed to replace the lower pitched, larger valves. They tend to curl more than the smaller valves.
On the bass side, it depends how many reed blocks there are - I would simply have a look and see which valves need replacing - again the larger bass reed valves are more prone to curling.
Having a look also means you can measure the valves that are there, and order the correct size replacements.
I also found with my Virtuola III all the pallet valves needed replacing - made a big improvement to air tightness.

Happy repairing.

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