Puff the Magic Dragon - Toy Accordion
Hello folks,

I recently acquired a Hohner toy accordion, and am trying to figure out a simple version of "Puff the Magic Dragon" for toy accordion. I stumbled across this video, but I am having difficulty writing this song out. I think he is in the key of C, but I'm getting mixed up on the buttons he's using. If anybody has some pointers or resources to help me figure this out, I would appreciate it very much!

Thank you for your time,


Here's a version I had hanging around:

Hi Rob
I'm sure lots of friendly people here would be glad to help but this forum is mainly about different sorts of accordions, the ones that play the same note whether the bellows are going in or out.
melodeon.net is really THE place for instruments which play different notes on each button when the bellows change.

Are you sure your accordion is in a different key from the one in the clip? You can slow the Youtube clip down without changing the pitch (gear wheel icon) and you can see which way his bellows are going which only leaves a few button choices.
Good luck!

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