Agnes Waltz
Agnes Waltz
I notice that a few years ago this waltz was featured in the forum’s ’tune of the month’ section. I don’t think I was on the forum at that time so I’m just catching up.
The Agnes Waltz is one of William Hannah’s most famous compositions.  For everybody who may not know, William Hannah was a gifted melodeon player from West Lothian in Scotland and was most active in the first half of the 20th.century. He preceded Jimmy Shand and laid down the format of what has become the standard ’Scottish Country Dance Band’.
The tune remains popular. It has become a ’standard’ in the Scottish Country Dance repertoire. Its pace and structure make it very suitable for dances such as The St. Bernard Waltz. 
I have a re-mastered CD of William Hannah but unfortunately the Agnes Waltz is not on it. Probably the most famous recording is one by Jimmy Shand.
For anybody interested in playing the tune I am posting a very abbreviated copy of the tune which I have arranged to my own taste and a recording of it.

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Thanks for the info and arrangement, Box! Looks like a good tune. So much music, so little time.
Very Nice!  Thanks for the neatly written score.

John M.
Ditto! Smile
Neat bit of work there. My hand written music is horribly untidy, so not much has changed since school days I guess.  I enjoyed the dropbox recording very much as well.

St Barnards Waltz usually goes down well at French style Bal Folk here and in France.
Yes, thanks again Boxplayer, for both the score and the recording: great post! Smile

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