Project Orfeo begins
Yay, Christmas started early, I've just won an Orfeo LMM playing ebay for £119.

I think it's early in the range 1950-1962.  I've been wanting to try a full size 120 bass (main box is 96 bass)
and I need to learn bellows repair (and later tuning), so this does both:

Now I have to hope the delivery mob don't trash it, and get some tools :)
good luck!

how about that color scheme
I quite like it :)

My main box is mostly black so it makes a change.
That color scheme is certainly unique.
Good luck with it having a good transportation experience and your work on it. Smile

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Hi Glug,

I like it, and hope it plays as well as it looks.

Kind Regards,

I'm sure I can fix it up fairly well.
Looks cool! Good luck.
Took a week to arrive, Xmas parcel service I'm guessing.
But it was perfectly fine, it was even inside a non-Orfeo case (with the bottom falling out, so useless except for packing).

Turns out it's a 'ladies' model so 17.5" keyboard with 18mm keys, 3/5 reeds, weight 9kg (inc original straps).
That makes it almost exactly the same size/weight as my Hohner Lucia IV P, but I'm not sure my fat fingers are
going to fit :)

Issues so far: bass drone (1 or more blocked/failed pallets I'm guessing), 1 sticky white key (G6), well dodgy leather valves,
dodgy bellows corners, keyboard needs adjusting/cleaning.

Good points: bass buttons all seem to work, registers work perfectly, mechanically very well made as far as I can tell,
no cosmetic failures except a 1cm patch on the right edge of the keyboard, inside of bellows seems perfect, perfect
(probably original) wax job, reeds are fairly clean.

Anybody know if the treble pallets have rubber 'boots' or is it a protective cover over a wax fitting:

And here's the reed blocks (very clean, but curly):

So plenty to keep me out of trouble over Christmas :)
And quite a nice box (depending how it sounds) but it may not fit my fingers.

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