Hi from Lancaster UK
Hi.  I'm a button box player really, although I've been in several bands on the PA it's never really felt right.  I started off on a melodeon in C, then moved to a B/C/C# (hohner echo III), and D/G (and a half - Castagnari Mory), which I used for my degree.  I've had a chromatic button C griff for the last 4 months and am loving it.  It doesn't have the same feel (Roland FR1XB), and took a lot of work to create a sound I like, but now it's up and running, I've been spending an hour a day transferring all my PA repertoire over - lots of Klezmer, Balkan and French Cafe music.  Everything feels so much better and I did a gig with the organ sounds not long ago, which seemed to work pretty well - less stage space than a conventional keyboard, a great crowd pleaser and MIDI control lets me get the sounds I want.
Hey Farmer, welcome aboard!  I also recently got a Roland FR-1Xb and have been enjoying the challenge of learning the BA after playing the PA since I was a kid.  At least you have the advantage of working with a diatonic for a while.  Lot of great features on the Roland -- my family really enjoys the headphones feature.   Wink

Hi ! Very similar story to starting with button accordion.  I'll send you a PM!
Hi Farmer,

It feels good to welcome a fellow Lancastrian to the forum, though I am twenty-odd miles South of you.

Before old age and galloping dandruff took its inevitable toll, we often drove through the Forest of Bowland and ended up at Glasson Dock for a meal.

I am a PA player, with three instruments in my stable. These instruments are regular visitors to local Folk Clubs and a few Old Folks Homes. I also play for local dementia groups and other age related charities, and at a number of local beauty spots.

I hope that you enjoy your visits to this forum, and feel sure that your contributions will be warmly received.

Kind Regards,

Welcome Farmerboy! I'm pretty much the same as Stephen but I've never had the good fortune to visit beautiful Lancaster.

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