Bellows stiffness
How flexible should bellows be, has anyone measured it or seen a figure for it?
Colinm, vignoni 37/96 double cassotto,
How long is a piece of string?
The older they are, the further they stretch ! Smile
There is no one magical number, this is something that is unique to each and every accordion. A few factors that come in to consideration:
- age of the instrument
- number of bellows folds
- type of tape
- type of paper
- it's construction methods
- weight of the accordion
- how it was used (or not used)
- accordion reeds (how many, how deep they can sound, responsiveness. etc...)
- general condition of the player

My Roland when I got it had the absolute stiffest bellows that I have ever played. I must have played maybe 200 different accordions in my life and the easiest ones have to be my Morino, likely because it is heavy, the bellows have more folds than your average accordion, it has 690 reeds and is over 46 years old. Smile

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