Diatonic accordion buttons layout
Hello there ,i just recently purchased a digital reedless diatonic accordion,  i am looking for to make some changes to this instrument so i am looking for a minor scale buttons layout any key is fine ,with this digital accordion is possible to change the tablature, there for i want to add a minor scale since the instrument by factory default only play major chords thank you
3 row 18 bass accordion 
Roland fr 18
A quick survey of this group might help: http://forum.melodeon.net/index.php/topic,7311.0.html
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Thank you i did checked but i don't find my solution there
Hi Tony,

It's not clear exactly what you want to do. Do you mean you want to use the same relative key positions as a major scale, but to play a minor scale? If so, you need to change a major scale layout tablature set to minor.

You can find the Hohner Corona 3 row layouts at melodeon.net.

Look at one of the major key layouts, such as G/C/F (set up to play easily in the key of C major. You could change each major scale note to a corresponding minor scale.

For example, to make Am scale, change all Cs to As, Ds to Bs, Es to Cs, etc.

You could do the same with the notes on your organetto, which may or may not match the Hohner 3 row. You may only need to program the keys on your organetto, not all 3 rows.

I have not seen such a layout on the internet but it wouldn't be hard to do. Then it looks like you have to download a tablature making software to make the sets. Or find some from someone. I don't have this instrument so I don't know if you can make bass notes and chords in all minor keys.

Or, you could do like the TexMex guys and play in minor "cross keys," ie, Am on a C layout.

Maybe someone with this instrument can explain it better. Btw, what minor key do you want to play in?

Hope this makes sense
Hi yes i wanted to chance from major scale to minor
I can do that with this roland accordion in conjunction with the software, I've tried do it on my own but i made a mess ,so i wanted a layout or blueprint in front of me so that i an just copy
Key is not important because i can just transpose, check YouTube
For the feature of this accordion so that will make sense to you
Roland fr 18 ......thank you

Bty thank you for mention the forum ...i just send out a registration form to be part of it ..very interesting web site
You could say diatonic boxes are designed to play minor tunes 'on the pull.'
Looking at the layout - Say 3 rows in GCF:
ON G row - hold down gbd buttons and pull = Aminor chord
On C row...……………….gce……………………… = B minor chord
On F row...……………….cfa ……………………… = G minor chord.
For Aminor scale: start on noteG of G row - pull then C row, then G row - all on pull. For note b go to F row or change to push on G row
On a GCF the basses are designed for playing in Aminor - on your box that's obviously not a problem - just transpose as you say.
You will run out of air - avoid this by using push where that is an option.
If you look at a GCF layout chart you will see you can even play an A minor scale entirely on the push - start on the a push on the F row.
Hope that helps.
Richard thank you so much for your time and help, i will try that but it would be nice to have minor chords on pull as well pushing
But i will take your advice
Why not make your life easier
, change to a BCB# 3 row ?

With a 96 button bass?

With a 96 button bass?

Sorry my mistake .It should read BCC# WITH 96 BASS.
No is not a 96 bass but 18
Programmable bass

But Roy if you have an easy solution please share with me
Tony, I am sorry I cannot help you..I am strictly an acoustic player BCC# 117 bass player. I do not understand the vagaries of 2 row boxes except the B/C boxes with with stradella bass.

Or electronic boxes either
No problem my friend ,i appreciate your help

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