Victoria Super Musette
Hiya folks,

I've been window shopping again (it's almost Christmas) and I've spotted the Victoria Super Musette
as an accordion I could probably quite like, and afford.

There's was one on ebay that went for £750 a few weeks back that I bid on, and there's another on there for £950
but it's a long way away (Edinburgh).

So I though I'd ask on here to get more info about that model.

What I think I know:

Tuning: LMMM
Reeds: 4/5 a-mano
Weight: about 10.5kg + straps
Keyboard: double axle design (so can't release individual keys) with a good action.
Treble registers: nice selection on treble with different wetness combinations, I don't think there's a wrist switch
Bass registers: 4 so not bad, but 5 or more would be better

What I don't know:

Tuning: how wet are the reeds ? and what is the tuning of the M- and M+ reeds ?
Reeds: are they really a-mano ? (and do they sound good :)

So has anybody got experience of this model and what do they like/dislike about it ?
Or is there some other comparable accordion I should also look out for ?


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