One for Maugein / john
Right or wrong make it strong...when in doubt miss it out...
An awesome frevo, Vai grande Sivuca!  Thanks Lost.
(08-11-2019, 08:28 AM)losthobos Wrote:

Hi Terry,

Sorry I never picked this up sooner. Was down in Birmingham again practising my accent, before we move down at the end of the month. For our Transatlantic cousins that's Birmingham, England, not Alabama. Our UK Birmingham is five times as big and only half as dangerous! 

Great stuff. Never heard him in an orchestral situation. 

Here he is in "normal" mode. His name is usually spelled "Gennaro" with two "n"s. The rhythms and magic of Brazilian players are unique to them. You'd need to be brought up listening to the music to have half a chance of being able to play it the way they do.

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