Hi ...i noticed that the Roland V accordion have a usb on the side that say usb midi ,what is actually for? Can it be used to control lets say a keyboard that allso have usb midi ? Or what is it for exactly? Thank you
There is no USB MIDI, there are separate standard MIDI ports for that... but the USB port is for a USB key thats used for several things like:
- Expansion Sounds
- User sets
- User Programs
- WAV recordings, loops, backing tracks
- Firmware updates

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I am really trying to find a way to control a midi keyboard or a backing style machine wirelessly with my fr 18 that's all
Wirelessly is possible, but wireless MIDI is expensive.  The wireless modules are several hundred dollars each.

If you want to control units like a Roland BK-7m (arranger/backing/drum unit) via MIDI using a MIDI cable, its much simpler and way cheaper.  First download and read through the user manual of your Roland accordion (available HERE).  


1. Read up on MIDI channels and how they affect your needs, specifically what channels the accordion uses for what functions (pg 47 of the above linked manual)

2. Learn what MIDI channels are connected to what functionality on the arranger/backing/drum unit and make sure that the functions you want sent to the arranger match the channels you are using on the FR-18.

3. Turn the volume all the way down on the FR-18 diatonic and the MIDI device you are about to connect.

4. Use a MIDI cable (sold separately) to connect the MIDI sockets to each other. Connection to transmit MIDI data to an external device:

Make sure you set your connection to SEND MIDI data to an external

5. Adjust the volume level on the FR-18 diatonic and the connected device.

6. Set the “MIDI OUT/IN” parameter. See “MIDI OUT/IN” on p. 50. Select “OUT” to transmit MIDI data to an external device. (This is the default setting.)


Doesn't get much easier than that.

For wireless MIDI, 15-20 minutes with google and YouTube will definitely help you out.

Hope this helps.  Smile

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