Hello fron London, Ohio USA
Totally new to the accordion, little back story took piano  lessons at the age of 40, also started singing in my church's choir.  Started tuba lessons at 46.  

Always liked accordion music, from annual local Oktoberfest, to any other music which I came across using an accordion. 

Now I am 53 and noticed an accordion for sale locally at a very fair price.  I consulted my cousin who plays and a friend a musician, who restores and tunes piano.  He actually has 2 and invited me to familiarize me with one since I have never played one.

The one he played was his fathers, the other he was giving for payment of services rendered by a customer who could no longer play it.

To make a long story short I never went and looked at the one advertised.  I loved this one the first time I laid eyes on it.  He admitted he never thought of selling it but when he saw may reactions,  he decided there was no reason to keep it because he always played his fathers and he will never sell it.

Here is my Scandalli.

That’s a nice instrument by a good maker Smile.
Although you may, at some time wish for something fancier, you’ll never really need any other   Smile
I myself have a Scandalli of the same vintage and overall style but an LMMM model, and in black and gold with white keys. It’s a pleasure to play.
Nice story Zy. We do seem to develop a bond to these silly boxes.

Welcome to the group!

Welcome aboard!
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Hello and Welcome to the accordion forum. 
That's a beautiful music instrument, your Scandalli accordion.
nice colors!
Hi Zymurgy!  Welcome!

I have the exact same ccordion with the same original red straps!  Unfortunately I am selling it today, along with 5 others.   What a coincidence!

Anyway, I love this Scandalli accordion, you have made a great choice and I hope it brings you years of pleasure.  (I just have to downsize because I have too many and prefer to play my new accordions  Sad) )

Anyway, it appears that your middle C treble key is raised a bit.  This is a pretty easy fix if you are handy and adventurous.   You need to bend the rod that holds the pallet closed.  The more advanced people on this forum can explain it better.

Anyway, have fun!!!!
Thanks for all the welcomes, and the advice in the key. I didn't know if the middle c was supposed to be raised or easy location. Obviously new to this.
Hi again, Zymurgy, no, it's not supposed to be raised. I just noticed it in the picture. (And now that I look again, it's actually B) It's a minor aesthetic issue, you really don't have to fix it unless you want your new accordion to be "pefect"!
Hello Zy,

I hope that you gain a great deal from this forum. It is very definitely the right place to be for us accordionists.

Personal circumstances have caused my absence from this site for some time, so I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all new members who have joined during my absence.

Kind Regards,

Welcome, Zymurgy!
Beautiful instrument. I played the tuba in my youth, and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’ll get a lot more joy from the accordion!
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