CBA C System
(05-11-2019, 07:11 PM)donn Wrote: You're aiming kind of high on a tight budget.  I got mine under that limit, if I remember right, but it's 4 rows.  I think you'll be able to get something eventually without mail-ordering it overseas, but it will take a while.  Keep an eye on Vancouver craigslist, and of course be prepared to come on out and pick it up.

My first one came off French ebay and was quite a bit less - and shipping was cheap, too, but it ended up at the post office in a cardboard box that had by then become more of a sack, with precious little padding inside, so it's kind of a miracle it made it.  And it's a bit rusty and so forth.  I guess you often do get what you pay for.

This is how the old fashioned French accordions used to look and sound. You could have sent a Crosio of that era from one end of the globe to the other with no packing at all, and the only casualties would have been anything it bumped into. 

Player is Louis Ledrich from Alsace Lorraine (formerly in Germany), and there is a little bit of a Teutonic/Gallic mix.

This second clip was a big accordion hit in France, despite not sounding very French at all.
Thanks for your informative and amusing input and for the instructive and entertaining links! Smile
(05-11-2019, 10:02 PM)Dingo40 Wrote: John,
Thanks for your informative and amusing input and for the instructive and entertaining links! Smile

Hi Dingo,

Must get to Sweden soon to learn bellows control from this guy. After 6 or 7 tunes it could get interesting.

There's a lot of accordion talent in Sweden, and Scandinavia in general, that nobody ever gets to hear except themselves.

It's about as French as Swedish meatballs, but he can sure play that 80 bass PA. The sort of stuff most people would regard as "French Cafe".

Here is Pierre Eriksson again. Started on his father's PA when he was 3, but switched to CBA, and was playing CBA on stage by the age of 6. Glad he paid attention to everything I showed him!  

All three clips were performed in Karlsson's music shop in south west Sweden. I used to go to the area fairly regularly, but never even knew the shop was there. Thanks again BeriJan! 

I have family in Norway, but they aren't into accordion at all (they heard me playing!)
Thanks guys!

Found a CBA C System Excelsior under the budget ! We'll see how it is when I get it!
Thanks for the links, most enjoyable! Smile

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