Bayan B-system method in English (?)
A 52 pages book by Ivan Maksimov
Publication Date: July 23, 2019

Don't know this publication or the author, but B-system CBA players could have an inside look of this booklet.
You may want to check first and do the "inside look" to see if is something useful.

I see scales with fingering numbers, but I don't know if there is any text at all (?).
The statement B-Griff (B-grip) or MIII is not correct.
MIII (manual III) is free bass, and has nothing to do with the "grip" or "griff".
They say it's for standard or stradella bass accordion.

"An English-language reference for bayan scales and arpeggios.

This book features fingering for B-system (also known as 'B-griff' or 'MIII') chromatic button accordions, with a standard or 'Stradella' bass.
It is especially useful for learners of the Russian bayan."

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