Hello from Australia
Hi, I'm Andrew and I live in Perth, on the west coast of Australia. Originally from the UK, but been here since 1967.

Have recently returned to playing piano accordion after lapsing for many years, and enjoying the challenge very much. I retired a few years ago, so can now devote more time to accordion.

I have two accordions, a Hohner Virtuola III and a Hohner Atlantic IV N deluxe. The Virtuola is from around the early sixties and had developed some air leaks, so I got the Atlantic to play while I was repairing the Virtuola. Happy to say that the air leaks have now been fixed and it plays well.

Looking forward to spending more time on the forum.

hello to you and good luck with the challenge!
Welcome Andy!
G'day Mate!
Welcome, Andy!
I too am retired and playing the accordion is my hobby.
I’m from South Australia, near Adelaide  Smile
Thanks gents, for the very warm welcome.  Smile

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