Easy Accordion Solos
Hiya folks,

should be an easy question: I just got 'Easy Accordion Solos' by Michel Lorin and I'm putting interesting scores into musescore.
Apparently it's translated from the french original and there's a few notation issues, specifically on page 27 (Reine de Musette) it has


Is "Bm5n" a typo, it looks to me like it should be G7, and what would "Bm5n" mean anyway ?

appears to be Dminor for that bar on all other sheets of Reine de Musette in A major

Yep, I've got Dm on my Liberty Bellows version and Recueil De 100 Success (both in A major).

Easy Accordion Solos version is copyright 1952, Recueil De 100 Success version is copyright 1926 and there's quite a lot of differences.
I think what is intended is Bmin with a flattened fifth. So: B,D,F. I’d try it and see how it sounds. If you like it, play it; if not, not.
Elderly teenager still experimenting with music of all descriptions.  I may not please anyone else, but I’m long past caring about that.
Thanks, it was mostly the notation I didn't understand.

I'm only a beginner so it's mostly down to which versions I find interesting and can actually play :)
The title of that particular book is notoriously misleading.
:) Yes, it's not easy peasy, but I guessed that from the Liberty Bellows guy using it to demonstrate a Victoria Super Musette.

I'm about Palmer Hughes 3 level so it's probably fine for me and I much prefer 'real' music.

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