I am lucky
So I am building a custom flightcase to protect my costly acoustic amplifier and was extremely content with myself that everything fit perfectly and ready to rivet everything together.

I had riveted only a couple to test-fit and it was already looking like a real good job. I then proceeded to drill all the needed 5mm rivet holes through the boards all around the lid.

I had started to rivet all the alu-ware, which is somewhat of a mindless job, then asked myself where my amplifier exactly was.

It was still inside the case for test-fitting.

As I felt the blood drain away from my face a bit I took of the lid.

After 5 minutes of searching it appeared my drill bit hadn't once touched the amplifier at all. Holes were all just shy of faders and other protruding components and such. There was just one tiny scratch on a side panel which I could 'wipe' away.

Off to buy a lottery ticket now,

Verrry lucky indeed! Smile
As the saying goes "there but for the grace of God go I !"

I think you should incorporate that into your show!
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LOL... definitely lucky, good luck on that lottery ticket!! Big Grin Big Grin

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Wow! Good job!
the end result:

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That looks as strong as a bank safe! Smile

My musical memoires blog/website: http://www.AccordionMemories.com

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