Another take altogether!
Here’s a completely different take altogether! Smile
(01-10-2019, 11:37 AM)Dingo40 Wrote: Here’s a completely different take altogether! Smile

Thanks Dingo,

Strrrange to hearrr musette tuned accorrrdions in Rrrosiya, but verrry enjoyable neverrrtheless. 

We Scots are told that we have a tendency to roll our "r", but when we try to speak Spanish or any of the languages where the "r" is trilled we're almost immediately identified as "English".
although this has a certain amount of "camp" to it, this is similar to what I currently do

and I wouldnt mind owning one of those kitsch white CBA's to try converting
I guess you all speak Russian. What is the translation? Lots of smirking going on.
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Sorry, Eddy, I personally don’t know any Russian whatever. I was hoping, like you, someone here could give us more information about what’s happening here and who’s who  Smile.

With the help of an Apple Russian font and google translation, the young lady is Inna Kameneva and she’s quite accomplished in the Russian scene.
That’s all I know.  Smile

Here’s another number (“Ditties from the beauty with a super voice”) in a more acclimatized  style to western ears: Smile
Different is right! Good to keep us guessing.
"Absolutely Refreshing"

Here's another --
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