Three milestones achieved...
Here they are:
1) My site now lists 100 (free!) arrangements for accordion ensemble.
2) I just completed my second CD. The two CDs are: and (and the pages not only contain links to all the tracks but also to an iso file to burn a cd). Together the CDs illustrate what 32 out of the 100 arrangements may sound like.
3) My arrangements have reached 35.000 (real) downloads.
I'm happily continuing writing and playing for the pure benefit of our wonderful instrument!
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Congratulations Paul, quite an achievement. I’ve always enjoyed browsing your site from time to time but didn’t realise you had 100 arrangements. How do you get the time and energy to manage it all?
1) Ballone Burini 46C (4+5) cassotto (LMMH) 3/3 PA; 2) Accordiola Piano V (5+5) cassotto (LMMMH) 3/3 PA;
3) Roland FR8X; 4) Hohner Vox 4k (LMMH) 3/3 CBA
Congratulations Paul!
What a fine selection of accordion ensemble arrangements, my congratulations with your arrangements and recordings for the accordion.
I imagine, learning from the impressive number of downloads, a boost if your arrangements are being played by accordion ensembles and used in music schools.
Congratulations, Paul. What wonderful achievements. Thank you for your expertise and generosity.
Great achievement, Paul! And thanks for sharing your knowledge and arrangements with us!
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed), Hohner 1974 Melodica (Piano 36)
Well done, Paul: congratulations! Smile
Thanks and Proficiat@! Beautiful resource

NB. you have a broken link on the arrangements page:
Paul, a lot of work is represented in that site, congrats on achieving your milestones. The thing that I respect the most is that you are giving it all away for free. This is something that I also recognize in myself when I do video educational series. I find it a fantastic way of giving back to the community.

Well done. Smile

My musical memoires blog/website:
(01-10-2019, 07:55 AM)jozz Wrote: Thanks and Proficiat@! Beautiful resource

NB. you have a broken link on the arrangements page:

Thanks for letting me know.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Ne grooote proficiat Paul!
Carpe diem, C.
Elderly teenager still experimenting with music of all descriptions.  I may not please anyone else, but I’m long past caring about that.
I'm 30 minutes into your youtube playlist at work

very good

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