English article about the evolution of Russian bayan fingering
I have copies of some bayan method books this English written (or translated from Russian?) online article about the historic evolution on bayan fingering theories on the Russian button accordion.

Note: this will be for B-system bayans/accordions.

I am a C-system CBA player, so I will hold back from giving too much comments on this website.
It is not clear who wrote this article, but I have the feeling it is written by a B-system bayan teacher or concertist.

It is interesting for us, because written in English, so we can have a first glimpse of some ideas about the historic evolution of bayan fingering techniques.
You can expect to find comments on the historic evolution in tutor books from 4 fingers fingering techniques towards 5 fingers fingering techniques.
First without using the thumb, then using the thumb.

Discussions about when to start using the extra repeat or helper rows.
Etc etc

A very interesting topic !

It is called "Gamma on the button accordion with pleasure... " (strange title, but okay, this can be a robot translation)
Take your time, it is a long article and at the bottom of the website, are "shapes" for chords on the B-system bayan.


Be careful, don't copy this to C-system !

(There are a lot more books in Russia that have been published on fingering techniques for accordions, this will be only one side of the story !)
There is a treasure of pdfs with Russian bayan method books here on the Virtual Kontakte website , the Russian social media.
Accordionists posted pdf copies of many books.

I have only opened one without a problem, the A. Dmitriev article on positional fingering (Дмитриев - Позиционная аппликатура на баяне.pdf , 1.8 MB)

As you may know, this Dmitriev article is also translated into English. Maybe a member has an online copy somewhere?
I have it on paper in English, but can of course not put a copy online without permission.

I also see the 1962 Poletaev article on "applikatura" (= fingering) on the bayan.
760 kilobytes

Полетаев A. Пятипальцевая аппликатура на баяне.pdf

The Professor Michael I. Imchanitsky history of accordion and bayan, one of his many publications:
М.И. Имханицкий История аккордеонного и баянного искусства.pdf
31.6 MB

This one offers a glimpse of the methodical way of progress in the bayan study.
Many pictures showing analytical schemes of buttons, triads, relations between intervals and spatial elements:

Azari Ivanov

Азарий Иванов.Начальный курс игры на баяне.pdf
11.9 MB

Even for a C-system or PA player, a look inside these books can offer some inspiration.
Many tunes are great fun to play on your accordion !
A great source for B-system accordionists who are confronted with fingering issues on the B-system CBA.
This 138 pages book from 1967 is all about fingering sequences/possibilities for standard and technical difficult passages in accordion pieces.

Демченко В. - Демченко В. - Технические упражнения для баяна - 1967.pdf - 1967.pdf

Demchenko V. - Technical exercises for the button accordion - 1967.pdf

This book shows how serious the Russians took the study of fingering on the chromatic button accordion, same level of technicality like the Western method books for classical guitar or classical piano, violin, cello music.

As Friedrich Lips says in his book "The Art of Bayan Playing", bayan study starts in kindergarten school, and methodical study of logical fingering sequences for CBA must start right from the beginning of accordion tuition in kindergarten school.
Stephen - Do you have a link to the article?:

Demchenko V. - Technical exercises for the button accordion - 1967.pdf


Hi Mark, 

All the pdf documents I mentioned can be found via the same VKontakte hyperlink in my previous post in this thread. 

I have clicked on some 10 pdfs and they opened within seconds. 

Just scroll to the bottom of that website. 

If you can't find them, give me a sign. 
I'm not at my laptop right now. 

Kind regards, 
Here is the link to the document:

You can also copy/paste the Russian text in the Google search window on the VKontakte hyperlink in the previous post:
Демченко В. - Технические упражнения для баяна - 1967.pdf
Got it! Thanks.

There's probably so much good B system information in the PDFs but alas I don't speak Russian. The pictures, chord diagrams, and some of the fingering illustrations are fairly self explanatory. It's a pity there isn't a way to translate PDFs - at least as far as I know.


Okay, great you could open the document.
There are hundreds of bayan sheet music pieces, with every note of the melody having it's own fingering number ! Or even a choice of possible numbers to finger the note !

Sometimes Russians use a + sign to indicate you have to play the note on the repeat rows. Alexander Dmitriev uses this + sign, but I'm not sure the others use it in the same way as Dmitriev. My guess is they do use it in the same way, but like you, I don't speak Russian.

Try to learn the cyrillic alphabet, and you'll be reading this in a few weeks.

If you are a B-system CBA player, this 54 pages document has lots of diagrams, schemes and analytics.
It's for a 5 rows bayan, the author uses the full potential of the repeat rows.
Осокин - Пособие для исполнителей на баяне с пятирядной правой клавиатурой.pdf
Osokin - A manual for performers on the button accordion with a five-row right keyboard.pdf

The link:
Thank you, Stephen. Yes, I am a B system player. For some reason I found it more intuitive and easier than C system when I started with the CBA. The downside is that that there is a paucity of teaching materials in English. So the resource you shared is very helpful. Much obliged.
My Russian is very weak and I am PA player, but the topic is fascinating and a cool way to learn a bit about the b-system layout. Thanks for posting this!

My musical memoires blog/website: http://www.AccordionMemories.com
There is a way to convert pdf files to txt files.
These text txt files can be copypasted in the Google translate window.

It's an automated ai translation, so a very bad translation, but it would be a step forward from Russian texts to "ai robot" English.

I think with professional software you can translate pdf documents, but a mixture of text and sheet music, I don't know if the technology can recognize the difference between words, text and sheet music.

An outdated 1970 method 3-rows bayan book by Arkadi Bassurmanov (3 volumes) is about 500 pages in total. A very analytical and methodical tutor book.
The 3 volumes are :
5.9 MB
6.6 MB
10.3 MB

The link to the 1st volume:
I was able to convert the files using Google docs and it is very interesting not to mention refreshing to see something written for B system. Google translate gets you somewhat there but it only seems able to digest small chunks at a time and doesn't show the diagrams and sheet music. So there's a lot of back and forth to make sense of it.

Many thanks for the suggestions and links.
I am not familiar with Google docs for documents conversion to different types of files. 

What's the technical procedure? How to use Google docs for translating pdf texts to English? 

Google translate indeed can only digest short text fragments or webpages.
Stephen - Send me a PM with your email and I'll send you the converted Google doc.
Hi Mark,

I have just sent you a private message here.
I managed to convert in Google docs, and translated from Russian to English.
But my results are very bad. Almost incomprehensible robot language. Even Google translate gives better results.
Maybe you have a better translation from Russian to English.

I would love to read some of the Russian articles about CBA fingering techniques.


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