Girl bands?
We’ve all heard of “girl groups “ haven’t we? Well, here’s one with a difference! Smile
Hi Dingo,

Without taking anything away from the content, it would be interesting to discover how many of them are still playing pro accordion.

The late Maurice Larcange took a whole host of youngsters under his wing and taught them all to play exactly like he did, to the point where most of them sounded like clones of him. Two or three of those girls were able to go on and develop their own styles, and the most successful of them, Domi Emorine (last in lineup with red Piermaria), probably topped the lot for versatility. A lot of her international fame has been entirely due to her love of, and ability to play, classical music.

Of the others, Stephanie Rodriguez (second from left), and Isabelle Durand (fifth from left), are the only two names I recognise as "big time" players. I dare say the remainder possibly still play, but they aren't bill toppers.

There was a big drive on in the 1990's to try and drag the musette out of mothballs, and Maurice Larcange has to be given credit for playing a large part in encouraging young players. Perhaps his most successful pupil was Eric Bouvelle, who now demonstrates for Cavagnolo. A superb player, but his playing style never appealed to me, and he had some really awful sounding Cavagnolos (IMHO) over the years.

One thing, there will never be another Yvette Horner, who was still playing into her 90s with the dyed orange hair that became her trademark. She was what I would call a technical perfectionist, which, in the rough and ready world of French musette, tended to take the edge off what she was doing. One of the attractions of the genre was players who developed little idosyncrasies in their playing, and those who never played the same tune the same way twice. Little Yvette came out and played everything as though she was sight reading it. Faultless technique, but after a few tracks it could get very samey.

Other famous female French players who "did lesson time" with Maurice Larcange are Michele Boudet, Alexandra Paris, and Nathalie Boucheix.

All three are well known in France, as well as many other female players who appeared well after the period of my interest.

It's great to be a critic when you can hardly play a simple tune without a mistake. Just as well I never tried to make a living out of music or I'd be sleeping "Under the Bridges of Paris" in a cardboard box with my harmonica in a filthy old coat pocket!

Thanks for the clip Dingo.
Interesting backstory, Maugein, thanks!
always wondered what was the story behind this video

turns out they are serious, thanks
Okay. I’m gonna call this one...that’s an American phrase for “I am so tired of phony videos.”
First, there’s a drum machine and probably a keyboard bass. This was done in the studio by probably one accordion and then mimed for the tv show. If you’ve ever heard 10 accordions or 10 bagpipes playing the same tune, they sound much more interesting than this. All of these players are probably wonderful, so why can’t they just put up a mic and play?
I assume you know that, though, and that this is just a curiosity.
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Next to that first video did you see this one:

L'accordéon musette sur C8 dans Little Big Stars par la petite prodige Madlyn Dugué

[video=youtube]http://[/video]Super cute.
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Well, here is another "Girl Band" this sort of thing seems to be widespread in some parts of Europe. There are girls, they are a group, there is an accordion, they are playing. this awful, or is just me?

As a self confessed Franco-accordionaphile can't say I cared overly for the "Girl Group" clip.
The Navihanke band is still active, and they also have a hot accordionist :
Well, I guess ever since Oggga first entertained the clan clacking bones by the fire in the cave there have been bands using sex appeal to help the show. I know it helps me quite a bit. Wink There are also boy bands for the girls, although generally not with accordions.
Yep, sex appeal can help to stay in tune.
The Greek Muses pictured in schoolbooks all had sex appeal.

I fully embrace the Muse(s) , what is life worth without sex and music?
I'm sure there has been a whole thread on sexy and talented accordion men and women.....

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