Hi From Phoenix, Arizona, USA - Case needed for Roland FR4X.
I first picked up an accordion when I was 12 years old.  I took a few months of lessons and then quit after I learned how to read simple music only on the treble scale - no high notes, no low notes and definitely no bass notes.  Had no idea what chords were let alone a scale.  Being 1/2 Bohmemian and 1/2 Slovenian I love polkas and I actually got pretty decent at playing them just by stumbling around, trial and error.  I laid the accordion down and picked it up again several times during my life  Then, due to family, business, whatever - I stopped playing some 30+ years ago.

I never did learn how to read music and my fingering was all over the place.  So, a couple of years ago, at age 75 and retired, I decided to get serious and start from scratch learning how to read music and play the accordion without turning my fingers into pretzels.  I taught myself from free on line classes using the same books (Sedlon and Palmer-Hughes) that I had when I was 12 years old.   I'm still learning and I guess you might call me close to being an intermediate player now.   

Last year I fulfilled a dream and purchased a Roland FR4x.  I love it.  Quite a steep learning curve and I'm having a ball with all of it's voices and choices.

Now I'm trying to find a case that will fit it.  Unbelievably, there don't appear to be any.  I have been in contact with other FR4X owners who have cases, but they don't remember where they purchased them and can't find a model number.

If any of you can tell me where, in the USA, to purchase a case that fits the Roland FR4X I will be much appreciative.  I would prefer a hard case, but a soft case will be okay too.  New or used.  I have checked extensively without success so, unless you know for a fact that the case you know about will fit my Roland there would be no sense in giving me the lead.  The accordion is 18-15/16 inches (481 MM) wide, 10-11/16 Inches (270 MM) deep and 16/15/16 inches (430 MM) tall. 

I look forward to checking in on this board from time to time.
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I am not sure if it is the same, but when purchasing an 8X, it comes with a gig bag... did yours not come with one?

Also in the Phoenix area is probably one of the most well known Roland dealers, Crown Music, home of the internet phenom, Dale Mathis. Call them up and ask, if they dont know, I doubt anyone does.

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Unlike the 8X, a newly purchased FR4X does NOT include a gig bag.   I had to do a fair amount of online searching but eventually found and purchased my Roland FR3 bag from Full Compass  …. follow this link to see their online catalog.  Looks like it is still available from them.
The online info does not mention the FR4X … just FR3 series … but I think FR3 and FR4 are the same size … the bag fits the 4X perfectly.
I bought mine about a year ago …. looks like the price has gone up by about $50 US since that time however.   They did not have it in stock at the time I ordered  .... so I waited about 3 weeks for delivery … I have always used hard cases with my other accordions so this is my first gig bag, but I like it …

I just started learning (two weeks today) to play the accordion and bought a Roland FR-4xb and BAG-FR-3 gig bag which is the one recommended by Roland.

Just Google: Roland FR-4x hard case

Some links



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Hi All,

Thanks for your fast replies.

It appears that the reason I'm having such a difficult time finding a case for my 4X is because Roland has posted incorrect dimensions for that accordion.

The Roland FR4X is advertised as being 10-11/16 inches deep.  The cases that I have found and that you all are showing me are 9.5 inches deep.  

I have learned the hard way from my DIY remodeling experience that one must measure twice and cut once.   So, I measured my 4X.  The measurement I come up with on my 4X accordion is very, very close to 9.5 inches deep.   I can see how a soft case might be okay because of fabric give, but there wouldn't be any leeway in a hard case of that size.

Those of you who have those 9.5 inch deep cases - do you have to force close them or is there a bit of wiggle room in the case for the accordion?  Also, do you put the straps over the keyboard or under the accordion? 

Thanks in advance for your response.
You always want a little wiggle room. No room means contact which means scratches to the accordion and/or damage to the case.

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Ernest Deffner/BussoMusic has a nice selection of different size hard cases.  The inside is padded with a plush material.  There is also an attached protective blanket that flips over the keyboard for protection from the straps.  I am very happy with mine.  It is a quality case.

The sizes are:
#515 - 18-1/4 wide x 17-5/8 high x 8-3/4 deep
#516 - 19-1/2 wide x 18-1/4 high x 9-1/4 deep
#518 - 21-1/2 wide x 18 high x 9-1/4 deep
#517 - 20-1/2 wide x 18-1/4 high x 9-1/2 deep
#505 - 22 wide x 18-1/2 high x 9-3/4 deep
#514 - 23-1/2 wide x 19-1/2 high x 10-1/2 deep
#508 - 23-1/2 wide x 20-1/2 high x 10-3/4 deep

The link to the hard cases is:

John M.
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Roland 8x hard case and bellows straps

I make hard cases for Rolands in my Shop.

I not only make cases but i buy them from-



The same place Busso Music gets them
you need a #14 Accordion case - Same as Busso's $514
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