Bk-7m discontinued?
I have asked my music supplier if the Bk-7m is discontinued. They replied yes. Anyone else to verify? If so, what are other options?
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The BK-7m has been discontinued for some time now.
Some suppliers still have them in stock (search the web) and many are showing up on Ebay.
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I noticed that something was going on with the BK-7M when I put mine up on Craigslist a couple months ago. I had listed it previously with little interest and a couple of "I'll give you $500 cash today" replies. I had put it away in the box about a year ago and wasn't using it.

I decided to list it again and had numerous offers at $750 (with the Roland BK-7M stand). I set it back up to make certain it was in perfect working order and ended up playing along with it for four hours. It's never been back in the box and I use it nearly every day now.
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    I bought mine about a year ago used. Music Go Round $575.00...it serves only 1 purpose, does a great job on the Austrian waltz and polka beats which I use frequently at the German/Hungarian Restaurant gig. If need more, use my Korg PA3x for other styles. And it is compact on stage.
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Yes it is discontinued, but it's still good for what it is.  

What's the latest?  Ketron SD-90... if you want to pay 2700 Euros ($3200US, or over $4000Cdn).  For that much, it could stand up and play the accordion for me, and I would still pass... lol

Lots of BK-7ms floating around. Join the facebook BK7-m page and a few of the Roland V-accordion groups as well as keep an eye in places like Craigslist, they pop up fairly often. I found mine in a pawn shop for around $500US. Another option is a used Ketron X4, great sounds good quality, but a bit bigger/heavier. Brand new that one cost me $2000Cdn back in the day.

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