What do I have?
Hey all, new here. A few months ago I picked up an accordion from an estate sale, and I'm kinda curious to know more about it. (the internet is full of nothing).

It is a scandalli piano accordion with 41 treble keys and 120 bass buttons. "68/17 Made in italy" has been scratched by hand on the back. It plays well except for one F#, G, and G# in sequence, that are out of tune when compressing but not expanding the bellows, plus an A# that seems to come and go. There are three little paddles "above" the keyboard; two appear to be stops and one appears to be a reset. That's all I know.

What I wish I knew.

What do the 68 and 17 mean? Are they a model number?
When was it likely made? I'm guessing after shortly after WWII since that seems to be when most accordions around today were made
Is there any chance of getting replacement parts for it? I strongly suspect it needs new leathers all around and maybe a good reed cleaning.
If I try to repair it myself, what are the risks? It looks pretty simple but I would hate to ruin it...

Hey, Lewis. Put a photo up and I’m sure there are many here who can help identify your accordion.
Also, a quick search will find the many posts about repairing.
Again, John Schaff in Billings, MT can probably set up a time with you to tell you all that needs fixing with your accordion.
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I know it's been a while but here are some pictures.[Image: 70Yd2OJ.jpg]

[Image: JM2EGdW.jpg]
Hi Lewis:
You have a Mid 30's to Mid 40's accordion that was of the time quite well made.
This one is an excellent model for an aspiring novice to learn accordion repair.
You may start by going here -- http://accordionrevival.com/Home.php -- and read chapters 1 & 2.
Give it a read and get back to the Forum for more advice.
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