Accordion Revolution: Thanks, Bruce!
Damn you, Bruce! I was up most of the night reading “Accordion Revolution” because every time you mentioned someone I hadn’t listened to, I popped over to Apple Music and checked them out. Not only that, but you just drop little gems that lead off to other worlds. A brilliant book, both a history of the accordion and a history of our time. So MUCH more than just a compendium, but also a welcome compendium that will inspire creatives for ages to come.
Thank you for writing it! 
It also stoked the fire of memories that were just sparks until I read them in your book. Big cultural memories, but also deep personal ones. 
Again, thanks for this!
Eddy Yates
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed), Hohner 1974 Melodica (Piano 36)
I am in the unfortunate position of having to read this really thorough and well-written book in little pieces.  I can't wait to get to the end, but life interferes  Sad

Thanks, Bruce!
Excellent book! See my review in that other post. Tom

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