How’s this guy?
How’s this guy?
And what about his great “pickup” (i.e. microphone, sound system etc.)
I think he (they) are very talented and the video production is very interesting. Not at all my cup of tea but I give them plenty of credit.
Not 100% sure that he is using a pickup or anything in this video. I'm guessing he's miming along to a recording (which is how professional music videos are commonly done), and that he used some good, studio-quality external microphones when he made that recording.

I could be wrong now, but I don't think so.

I do like the tune though. Cool
You will note that the framing is very tight. This permits the using of external condenser mics, likely cardioid or hyper-cardioid to be just out of the shot (to the sides or possibly even over-head), and then add a heavy dose of some nice old fashioned post processing.

It is a 100% sure thing that his background is all green-screened. If you wanted the mics and mic stands to be closer, yet still invisible, it is very easy to place green covers over them. Those are so thin that the sound would not be obstructed at all, yet be 100% invisible in the shot. This would let you place the mics close and still not show in the video. There are several ways to recreate this style of video, no secrets there. Smile

His playing? He's not a beginner, that's for sure... lol

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