packing PA: straps above or below keyboard?
Let me add one more thing: for many people, if you can get the left shoulder strap to go over the keyboard (on a PA) it most likely means that strap is too long for the correct playing position. The right strap should always be longer and it will go over the keyboard (if you want) but the left strap normally is not long enough for that. (If you think your left strap is the right length and it does go over the keyboard it says something about your bmi, sorry about that.)
Of course, the most prudent players (I know one) always take off the straps before placing the accordion in its case, then put a cloth over the keyboard, and finally lay the straps on top (if the case does not have a special compartment to hold the straps or your music stand, as some older Hohner cases do).
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
(31-07-2019, 10:50 AM)JerryPH Wrote: That damages the pad on the back of the accordion over time.

Hi Jerry -

My backpads are doing well.
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When I still used hardcases I always put my straps on top (on a towel).

If you do that all the time the buckles start chewing away the case liner as you get it out and put it in. I didn't care much for it, but still. Also I have caught the occasional key with them, but never desastrous. In conclusion, I would maybe turn to the dark side and put them underneath (w. bellow protector).

Later years: only gig bags and cloth/plastic straps for me.
What are people's opinions on keeping the strap on the side? As in this video:
(07-08-2019, 06:39 PM)LongSufferingHuman Wrote: What are people's opinions on keeping the strap on the side? As in this video:

The strap on the side (with most of it under the accordion) is fine, if there is room,  and if you protect the accordion against scratches from the clasps. Elastic tubes around the clasps are a must.
Many accordions come with a case that is too small to do what the video shows, but the strap can be on the side at the other side (where the strap is smaller), with even more risk for scratches.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)
Straps on the side is how I have always done it.
Kind of like the video except I have always started with the accordion on its side (in playing position) and then slid it down so the straps end up on the side.
Most cases are big enough for this, however I will say that sometimes it is a tight fit.
When my Victoria Poeta needs to be put away, which is not very often as it is out in a playing position most of the time, this is how I do it.
I do have the buckles wrapped with some athletic tape to protect the finish, and yes it will cause a mark on the bellows protector, but really isn't that what a bellows protector is for?
Just like Paul (debra) says, I cannot get my left strap over the keyboard and it always has to be tucked behind.

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