Weltmeister Monte 96H 4 reeds with helikon LMMM

Selling this Weltmeister Monte 96 bass 37 keys, 4 reeds LMMM, helikon bass, with very good quality external microphones. Willing to drive to anywhere in VIC or some of NSW Australia to deliver it. Unsure about shipping an accordion (don't know how to package it properly, and what happens if something happens in transit) so I'm first trying to sell it to areas I can take it to.

The sound is pretty much like a Slovenian or Austrian button accordion (steirische harmonika). Bought new in 2004.

Here is a demo video (there's also lots of older videos on my YouTube with this accordion): 
That's a great price, especially if it's in Australian dollars. Weltmeister doesn't make them anymore--not with that natural wood case at least.

I have a younger brother of that one (72 bass, 34 keys, MMM) and it's a treat to play.

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