Why switch tells that I have 5 voices?
There are 4 holes, so 4 voices. Am I wrong? https://imgur.com/gallery/MkHxCb0
Who knows what has happened to this accordion before you got it?
The wooden part with covered-up holes at the bottom of the picture suggests that maybe there used to be another reed block in the past, maybe glued on, which can have been the 5-th reed.
This actually makes sense: some accordions do have a 5 reed bass where the highest reed is on a "half" reed block that cannot be disabled through a register switch. (I have a Crucianelli that is like that.) Some people do not like that the high reed is always on and would rather have it always off if it cannot be switched on and off. I have disabled the high reeds on my Crucianelli with just tape but of course one could also remove the reed block and cover up the holes.
I'm not saying that this is what happened to your accordion. It may or many not ever have had a 5-th voice for the bass side. The indications on register switches may also have been a bit generic, using 5 dots for "tutti" without it necessarily meaning 5 voices.
Paul De Bra (not Debra...)

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