Not exactly accordion but...
This isn’t actually accordion, but it is free reed and sounds a bit like zydeco Smile
I thought you may like it! Smile
This is the traditional sound here in Wisconsin! Thanks Dingo!
(07-07-2019, 03:13 PM)Tom Wrote: This is the traditional sound here in Wisconsin!  Thanks Dingo!

Thanks Tom Smile
For this who prefer Brazilian, we have:

And now, since this is an accordion forum:
Both boxes in the posts here are accordions (Fisarmonicas)
but have different model names.
The first post features a "Chemnitzer" sometimes called a Polish Concertina here in the US/
The 2nd is a box very similar but with a different button layout and called a "Bandoneon" an extremely popular 
model of accordion used in Latin America.
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Yup, it's the Chemnitzer (called simply "concertina" here) that is the principal instrument used in "old time" music, in italian, like Jim says, "fiasrmonica diatonica," although some might call it an organetto.

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