Hello to everyone.

I live in East Sussex in the south of England, I'm 59 and have been retired since 2015. I have played several different instruments over the years, but nowadays it's mainly just my Hohner tremolo mouth organs.

Having recently decided that I wanted to play the piano accordion, I bought a Hohner Arietta 1M and books 1A and 1B of the Sedlon Accordion Method. I took delivery of it all two weeks ago and I am now thoroughly enjoying getting started with the first steps in learning it. 

My intention is to be able to play the popular songs and dance tunes from the first half of the 20th Century that I already play on my other instruments. For anyone who may be interested and has not seen them, there are two Australians, Bob Hornett (piano accordion) and Hector Awol (melodeon) who have lots of videos of that style of music on their YouTube channel called bertovids.

I am pleased to have joined this group, knowing that any questions I may have along the way can be answered here.

Kind regards, Ian.
Hi Ian,

A warm welcome to the forum, where I'm sure you will fit right in.

I play Folk, 40's, 50's 60's and some 70's popular music. I have a 120/41 Hohner Arietta IV, which is probably 60 odd years old.

Have Fun,

Welcome to the forum, Ian. Think you have excellent choice in music for it’s my opinion that most of the really good music stopped early to mid 1970’s.  With some minor exceptions, its been awful junk since.
Cordially, Tony
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Welcome and good luck with your new accordion Ian! While I respect your musical choices, and play lots of old music, I for one believe there is plenty of great music being written today, some by members of this forum.
Welcome, Ian. And welcome to the wonderful world of accordions!
You’re right. This is a very helpful group, and I’m sure you’ll have much to contribute.
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Hi Stephen, Tony, Tom and Eddy,

Thank you for your welcoming messages.

I enjoy music from all time periods, but when playing my mouth organs and melodeons, I stick to the old ones that were once popular for pub sing songs. I hardly ever play my fiddle now, but that was always polkas, schottiches and waltzes for dancing, very much in the style of the Sussex concertina player, Scan Tester.

After two weeks of piano accordion, I'm hooked!! I've spent the morning working through scales and sequencing exercises. I'll have a break for a while and play some tunes later on.

Kind regards, Ian.
Welcome to the world of piano accordions. They can be addictive and you can develop instrument acquisition syndrome very quickly. As you are in East Sussex you might be interested in the Slow Accordion Group I've just started, it's a small group for novice accordionists to get used to playing together. There are currently 4 of us, nothing to formal or pressured. It's located between Brighton and Worthing, PM me if you are interested and I'll send dots and details. "Easy-ish" folky tunes with one or two parts nothing fancy.


Hi Ian,

Thanks for the welcome. 

I would like to meet up with you and your group and I'll be in touch when I get a bit more comfortable with the instrument.

Do you go to any sessions in the Lewes area?

Kind regards, Ian.
Welcome aboard and good luck to you, Ian!
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