Please Help Identify this Model
Need help of some experts to identify this accordian, maybe a royal standard marina 16? It's the closest one I can see. Any help would be appreciated. Also looking for aprrox value. It looks to be in excellent shape.
Hello Duster,

You say that it looks in good shape, but you have omitted to mention the most important thing ........ does it play well? I have seen some beautiful looking boxes, only to discover that they were unplayable due to poor storage.

An instrument's value depends entirely on how well it plays. If it doesn't play well, or it needs a great deal of attention, it is in the realms of a decorator's curio.

Is it your intention to play or sell this box? If it is the former, you have come to the right place for guidance. If it is the latter, good luck.

Kind Regards,

I recall a Royal Standard I looked at about 5 yrs ago. I was not impressed at all with it. The materials were sub standard and much like what came out of China at the time or in later years.. Some of the reed blocks were plastic . I talked the owner out of wasting his money on what needed a lot of work and wasn`t worth the time and expense.
My guess it was made in East Germany in the late 50`s.
That said, if it plays OK then ignore my comments . I wish you and the buyer good luck with the sale.

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