Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion. Book Launch June 28th
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I would love to go to various conventions and gatherings. I'm going to Cotati Accordion Festival in August. we'll have to see about others. It would be amazing if accordion events were all coordinated in a nice route from one to another. But alas, it's California/Quebec in one weekend? That's a heck of a hike. 

Locally we're planning a big book-launch party for June 28 in Vancouver. Should be fun if anybody's in the neighborhood.

Accordion Revolution: A People’s History of the Accordion.

Book by Bruce Triggs, host of Vancouver’s Accordion Noir Radio.

(Hey, our podcast is back up and running!)

Did you know that Lead Belly and Muddy Waters played “windjammer” accordion before they got guitars? That polka icon Lawrence Welk opened a hamburger stand that sold Squeeze Burgers? And that hundreds of old-time accordionists played alongside the fiddles and banjos in the golden age of country music?

You’re invited to hear these stories and more
at the Accordion Revolution book launch, Friday, June 28, from 7-9 pm at Vancouver’s Co-Op Radio (THREE Seventy Columbia St.)

There’ll be books, prizes, music. And the party is broadcasting live so fans can listen in from the comfort of their own time-zone!

Please RSVP (the Party is free, but tickets are limited)

Go to:
Bruce Triggs
Accordion Noir Radio
Vancouver, BC, Canada

author of:

Accordion Revolution: a People's History of the Accordion in North America from the Industrial Revolution to Rock and Roll (2019)
Sounds like a great time, Bruce, and I wish I could be there. Congratulations!
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed)
Good luck!!! Looking forward to reading the book.
Available on preorder from Amazon in the UK.
They don't have a cover image yet though.

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