Turbosounds app for IPad
I recently acquired an old IPad 2 and an Irig MIDI for the 30 pin IPad. I just downloaded the Turbosounds app developed by Reinhard Rieder, and I am very impressed. The app is free, and comes with three starter instruments: a baritone, guitar, and bass. There are many more instruments available for in-app purchase and I bought the drum set for $44 US, so that I could add percussion sounds to my FR7. I really like this feature available on the later Roland models and the Turbosounds app does an amazing job. The individual instruments can be combined any way you want and assigned to whatever MIDI channel you like. Each instrument can be adjusted for volume, reverb, and pan. The sounds are excellent quality and are bellows-sensitive. I am excited to use this setup for performance, since the IPad is much more compact than the standalone modules I have been using. This app is definitely tailored for those of us who favor the Oberkrainer and Egerlander styles. These sounds work great with my German and Czech music.
This app works with IOS 9 and later, and can be used with a variety of MIDI to Ipad interfaces. Are there any other Turbosounds users on the forum? If you are interested, search for "Turboreini". I would love to hear how other accordionists are using this app. I think it may not be as well-known in the English-speaking world.
I am a Roland 8X user, and as mentioned, it has something like 17 different drum sets integrated in it... even after a couple years playing with it, I am sure that I have not touched 50% of what the accordion can do. The iPad, however, is an amazing tool for many different uses and this app sounds quite nice, but I think that I am going to still focus on learning what I have before adding anything. Smile

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