Chart Of Accordion Frequencies
In the file below, I have created a chart of accordion frequencies for a 5 Treble 5 bass reed accordion.  I am sure this has been done before but I couldn't fine one.  Could someone look it over and see if I have terminology right.

Also, if an accordion has 6 bass reeds, what frequency range would the 12 reeds be in?

John M.

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I think the only way to know for sure about any given accordion is to either get from the manufacturer/dealer exactly what notes the various blocks start/end on or to spend some time investigating, perhaps including opening up the bass end and testing blocks. IIRC there was a phone app around that could accurately pick out the pitches of several reeds at once, but I have no experience with it.

As for specifics, my accordion with 5 bass reeds has a low G, so your chart can't match my accordion. Another monkey wrench: on my accordion there is a high bass register that sounds like two reeds. If I'm hearing correctly, they are tuned in unison... except for the Cs, which are an octave apart.

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