Accordion Revolution: New Book Cover Revealed!
In honor of World Accordion Day the cover of my upcoming Accordion Revolution book went public today.

[Image: accordionrev_f_frontcoverfinal.jpg?w=345&h=518]

The book is due out in June. Pre-orders should start later in May. To know as soon as it's available, feel free to sign up for the email announcement list at

The cover is by a local Vancouver (BC, Canada) artist Michelle Clement. We worked very hard for a sort of 1940's "Rosie the Riveter" propaganda poster look. My Accordion Noir radio co-host Rowan reviewed an early version and pointed out the accordion lacked straps. Whew, fixed that.  Smile

I'm excited to finally make it available after all these years talking about the project. Hopefully it's entertaining and shares some stories that inspire more people to continue researching and writing about the history of the instruments. I'd love to read more books on the subject!

Bruce Triggs
Accordion Noir Radio
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Cool, Bruce! Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for your work.
Bugari “Blue 72”, Tiger Combo ‘Cordeon, Iorio Concert Accorgan G Series (electronics removed)
Love it! Can't wait.
Congratulations Bruce, I like it and plan to get it for sure. I'm pretty sure I won't write one though!

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