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The Swiss Reist örgeli maker added a new mini model:
The Mini Oergeli XL

A 2 rows diatonic (17 buttons) with 10 chromatic basses
Only 1,1 kg
size: 16,8 cm x 25 cm x 10,3 cm

The older model, Reist Mini is 0,95 kg. A difference of only 150 grams.
This one is a one row with 2 extra buttons, and 6 chromatic basses
Exact same size of the body: 16,8 cm x 25 cm x 10,3 cm

Just 150 grams extra for an entire second row of buttons on the treble side !

This Mini-Oergeli-XL is a wonderful traveller box.
They're absolutely gorgeous... too bad I am not a button accordion player. Smile

My musical memoires blog/website:
it's not that hard

you should've seen the people dancing outstide of the frame...


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